People requiring FOLDING DOORS (also known as BI-FOLDS) tend to have very specific needs for their home and we are EXACTLY the right website to give you the information you depend on. Bifolds are extremely common in commercial applications where open space is at a premimum, but it's only recently that they have become a hot commodity in the home building community. We believe this trend will continue into the next decades as homeowners continue to choose wide open living spaces, effectively bringing the outdoors inside. Call 714 325 9202 to get information on how Bi-Folds can improve your home!

Create the OPEN SPACE home you've always wanted with BI-FOLDS! These are just some of the different types of Folding Doors available to you:

Nanawall Bifold Doors

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Jeld-Wen Bifold Doors

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Milgard Bifold Doors

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Here at we work with just as many architects and general contractors as we do with homeowners. Many times, the homeowner simply makes his desire for open spaces known and the architect or contractor needs to make it happen - this is when they come to US, as door specialists in this area. There are some structural and technical challenges that come with using folding bi-fold doors and trusting those challenges to just anyone can be a VERY costly mistake. You NEED the right door for the right application and the experience to have it installed correctly so as not to have problems later. These doors are definitely not as forgiving as your average patio door!

Marvin Bifold Doors

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Andersen Bifold Doors

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Pella Bifold Doors

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For those considering bifold patio doors, the ultimate decision clincher is almost always - "LOOK AT THAT VIEW!" because let's face it - these doors carry a substantional price tag and are rarely seen when a person's view is the brick wall or fence of their neighbor. We don't get many calls from condo owners (except beach front); almost all of our end-users are building or remodeling VERY nice homes where they expect the best options available. Our aim is to give you all the information needed to help you make the best decision for you and your home. After all, YOU are the one that lives with the final product. The choice you make WILL make a difference in your end happiness. Read on to discover why...

Panoramic Bifold Doors

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Lanai Bifold Doors

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La Cantina Bifold Doors

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As you might expect, not all Bi-Fold folding doors are created equal. Not only will there be a difference from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the materials that the doors are made from has a HUGE impact on how you live with your doors. The best looking doors are not always the most durable for long-term use and the more rugged of doors are not always going to give you the look you want for your home. After first deciding that you want the luxury that bifolding doors will give you, a decision needs to be made as to how they will look - generally decided by the types of materials which we detail below.

AG Millworks Bifold Doors

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Win-Dor Bifold Doors

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Euro-Wall Bifold Doors

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For strength and durability, as well as color options, you can't beat aluminum bifold doors. They can be made larger than any other material and they WILL last longer with fewer repair problems in the future. We have many options available for aluminum folding doors and once you've made that decision, we can help you narrow it down to brands that are best suited for your project and budget. These doors are more likely to fit almost any application.

For pure beauty and WOW factor, the wooden timber bi-fold cannot be beaten as these doors are GORGEOUS to look at. However, they tend to require more on-going maintenance than aluminum and don't let anyone tell you different. Since the price of wood folding doors can get extremely expensive by comparison, this option should best be left to those TRULY without many financial constraints. Not only will these doors cost more, on average you will be in need of potentially costly maintenance or repairs in the future. If you have the financial security to bypass these worries and go for pure looks, this is a lovely way to go.

Vinyl bifolds are the cheapest option and they have the added benefit of matching the most common window choices in homes today. There are not many "budget" manufacturers for Bi-Folds so the concerns about "yellowing" or fading are not common for folding doors like they might be for a cheap sliding patio door. However, vinyl will expand and contract more than the other choices and over time the hardware just fails at a higher rate than aluminum or wood. This issue tends to make vinyl folding doors more appropriate for installations that are very forgiving of the elements. A vinyl bi-fold with direct beachfront access and a lot of sun would not benefit you in the long run. A cool, hill-top location with an awning would be just fine.