People requiring FOLDING DOORS (also known as BI-FOLDS) tend to have very specific needs for their home and we are EXACTLY the right website to give you the information you depend on. Bifolds are extremely common in commercial applications where open space is at a premimum, but it's only recently that they have become a hot commodity in the home building community. We believe this trend will continue into the next decades as homeowners continue to choose wide open living spaces, effectively bringing the outdoors inside. Call 714 325 9202 to get information on how Bi-Folds can improve your home!

AG Mill Works Bi Fold Doors

Hand crafted with care and just the right amount of technological innovation, AG Millworks Bi-Fold, Lift and Slide, Multi-Slide, French doors, Entry Doors and Custom Bi-Fold Windows feature high quality material. AG Millworks pride themselves on precision fitting and cutting edge features. Whether you are designing a high end custom residential home to express your luxury lifestyle or planning a modest remodel, AG Millworks will create the perfect products for you. Where the inside meets the outside and they live happily ever after. Happy endings like that don’t just happen in kids’ books. They can happen in real life, too. Creating an ideal transition between your indoor and outdoor living spaces is the first step in helping your home move from ho-hum house to neighborhood castle. And it all starts with your doors. Your home is an expression of your personal style. The doors you pass through in your everyday life should be part of that expression. If indoor/outdoor living is your desire, AG Millworks will help you achieve a quality point of view. AG Millworks bi-folds dramatically expand your living space, opening entire walls to the outdoors as they fold completely out of the way.

Express yourself architecturally with countless configurations of door systems that fold to expand your living space and your lifestyle. Fine craftsmanship combined with advanced technology ensures a perfect fit and finish when your project is complete. Bi-folds are a series of patio door panels hung from the head jamb and hinged together to slide accordion-style and stack against one edge of the opening or the other.

AG Millworks, where exceptional quality meets extraordinary design. Established in 1986, AG Millworks manufactures hand-made custom doors including Bi-Folds, Lift-and-Slides, Pocketing Lift-and-Slides, Multi-Slide Doors and Folding French Doors. We also design and manufacture entry systems in exotic hardwoods all by hand. Proud to manufacture our quality products right here in the USA. AG Millworks can provide windows and doors for your entire home. Working with you, your sash and door dealer and your builder, we will create designs and build beautiful and practical architectural masterpieces that will exceed your expectations.

AG Millworks is a market leader in door design and functionality. They have a number of beautiful exterior doors that you can choose from, and many that you may not have seen before. You can even choose from features not seen on other doors, including a range of visibility and cosmetic looks like screened sidelights and leaded glass inserts.