People requiring FOLDING DOORS (also known as BI-FOLDS) tend to have very specific needs for their home and we are EXACTLY the right website to give you the information you depend on. Bifolds are extremely common in commercial applications where open space is at a premimum, but it's only recently that they have become a hot commodity in the home building community. We believe this trend will continue into the next decades as homeowners continue to choose wide open living spaces, effectively bringing the outdoors inside. Call 714 325 9202 to get information on how Bi-Folds can improve your home!

Euro-Wall Bi Fold Doors

Euro-Wall offers residential door products that possess the utmost in design, manageability and beauty. From the incredible Euro-Wall Folding Door systems to the elegant large Euro-Wall Sliding Doors to the quaint French Doors, their Residential Door products are custom designed to your preference. Euro-Wall doors are available in either interior or exterior applications, Standard, Coastal or Hurricane grades and Security and Safety packages and all of the hardware, panel, glazing and tint options one would expect to find in the finest custom doors available anywhere. Euro-Wall folding patio doors have been engineered to withstand higher positive and negative wind pressures than our competitors folding patio doors. Testing of large and small missile projectiles and thousands of cycles of both positive and negative wind pressures have demonstrated the superiority of Euro-Wall folding patio doors, allowing our panels to be taller and allowing for larger opening applications.

The superiority of Euro-Wall folding patio door panels makes it so that there are virtually no limitations on placement within a structure unlike other manufacturers, which allows greater freedom to design and enjoy your home. If you are interested in adding folding patio doors to your project, Euro-Wall offers folding patio doors in many different styles and types. Fiberglass, Wood, Aluminum and Aluminum Clad are just some of the many choices that meet the stringent design pressures requirements set forth by Euro-Wall engineering team. Euro-Wall folding patio doors supersede all code requirements of the Florida Building Code and Miami-Dade Code HVHZ test protocols which are the toughest in the world.

Euro-Wall is the best choice for architects, builders and homeowners when choosing large opening folding door systems. Whether a residential or commercial application, Euro-Wall folding door systems have, higher load capacities, stronger panels and more glass and door options than any other competitor.

Miami-Dade and Florida Building Code Test Protocols are the toughest in the world. Euro-Wall folding doors meets and exceeds all other manufacturers in (1) Large and small missile impact, (2) water resistance and (3) wind resistance requirements in Aluminum and Mahogany Door panels. From Low E to reflective beach glass to bomb and bullet resistant glass, Euro-Wall is number one in approved options making Euro-Wall Superior by Design.