People requiring FOLDING DOORS (also known as BI-FOLDS) tend to have very specific needs for their home and we are EXACTLY the right website to give you the information you depend on. Bifolds are extremely common in commercial applications where open space is at a premimum, but it's only recently that they have become a hot commodity in the home building community. We believe this trend will continue into the next decades as homeowners continue to choose wide open living spaces, effectively bringing the outdoors inside. Call 714 325 9202 to get information on how Bi-Folds can improve your home!

Panoramic Bi Fold Doors

The Panoramic Door has been recognized by industry leading magazines for its unique and innovative design. By removing the hinges that connect the panels to each other, the Panoramic design frees up the panels and in turn allows you more control over the opening. With the Panoramic Door you can open one, two, three or however many panels as you please. The Panoramic Door puts you in control of your environment allowing you to decide where people will come in and go out. You also can alter the airflow to suit your needs! The Panoramic Door is much more than a folding patio door, it is an environmental control unit that lets you take manage your living space. And because we are the factory you not only get the “most innovative patio door”, you also get an unbeatable price that you can be proud of. It took the willingness to step back and evaluate the core concepts of how a folding door should work to bring about the revolutionary design seen in the Panoramic Folding Patio Door. Rather than have a series of panels connected to each other with hinges, we have designed a door where the panels move independently of each other.

More freedom, easier operation and total control of the opening. Large doors are heavy. Most folding doors are “top hung” meaning that the weight of door is borne by the header. That’s why most folding door systems require specially engineered headers. The Panoramic Door is different. With the Panoramic Door the weight of the panels is supported by the bottom track. The result? No special headers are needed when installing a Panoramic Door!

While the popularity of wide opening folding doors is growing, the thing that stands between most people and their dream home is the high cost associated with this type of door. Panoramic Doors changes everything. Designed and built with the consumer in mind, the Panoramic Door is the first (and only) truly affordable folding door in the market today. The Panoramic Folding Patio Door is an affordable alternative to the costly bi-fold, accordion, and glass wall systems that are fast becoming the most influential aspect of modern home and restaurant design. With the introduction of the Panoramic Folding Patio Door, you too can enjoy the luxury of a wide open space at an affordable price!

Designed with the modern home and businessin mind, the Panoramic Door is a versatilesystem that works perfectly for the home, office or restaurant setting.Big open spaces are accentuated with the Panoramic Door. But it does not stop there. Because Panoramic Door is a hinge-less system with free floating panels, you control the opening to fit your needs. They stripped away all the constraints inherent to the “hinged” systems. Because they do not have panel-to-panel hinges, you get to choose how your door opens. With the Panoramic Door you ( not the door ) get to decide how many panels are open or closed at any one time. Experience the ultimate in flexibility and ease of use with both our vinyl and aluminum doors with eeCore™ total comfort.