People requiring FOLDING DOORS (also known as BI-FOLDS) tend to have very specific needs for their home and we are EXACTLY the right website to give you the information you depend on. Bifolds are extremely common in commercial applications where open space is at a premimum, but it's only recently that they have become a hot commodity in the home building community. We believe this trend will continue into the next decades as homeowners continue to choose wide open living spaces, effectively bringing the outdoors inside. Call 714 325 9202 to get information on how Bi-Folds can improve your home!

Win-Dor Bi Fold Doors

Unlike other manufacturers who solely use aluminum, vinyl or wood when manufacturing their folding door systems, Win-Dor has combined both vinyl and aluminum to offer our customers something special. You see, aluminum is a great material for bifold door systems. It is strong and rigid. It allows for larger sized installations vs. the traditional vinyl bifolding door system. Unlike aluminum, vinyl will never crack or peel. It won't corrode. In fact, vinyl bifold doors require very little maintenance. And just like vinyl windows, vinyl bifolds can be incredibly energy efficient. Win-Dor makes an innovative, durable, low-maintenance folding door system that is considered among the highest quality bifold doors in America. Our unique blend of strong rigid aluminum framing with a long-lasting, low maintenance vinyl capping creates a unique combination not available from other manufacturers. And one which is also thermally improved.

Win-Dor's hybrid folding door is the only door available in the industry that uses a special blend of materials to create an extremely strong, quiet, energy efficient and weather resistant door. Windors bifold doors feature a thermal borke aluminum frame, foambacked seal on main fram, contemporary style vinyl sash with welded sas corners. As well as dual interlocking weather seal on sash for superior air and thermal performance. Also included, a Centor Architecture E3 hardware system and stainless steel locking hardware.

Windors bifold doors come in sizes made for new construction or replacement as well as custom applications. The glass options are amazing 7/8" dual glazed insulating glass with an edgetech super spacer. Cardinal 366 tempered is standard with your choice of clear, obscure, and custom glass. When it comes to your grids and v grooving you get Simulated divided lite, flat (colonial), Sculptured, (Continental) and V-grove, etched in the glass which is standard or custom patterns as well.

Contemporary styling with simple lines and contours, white uPVC doop panels will not peel, rot, or swell. Built to last with little to no maintenance. Availbel in both outswing and inswing configuration, when it comes to choosing your door configuration, folding doors are available in many different configurations. You can build a door with as many as 16 panels. The options are limitless.